‘Fuck You’ & ‘Big Up Yourself!’ Lists Are BACK

Those that know me, know I have a monthly ‘Fuck You’ list, and those that don’t know me, probably don’t give a shit. This list is an amalgamation of stuff that has drifted (or splatted) across my path in the last month or so that I want to be really finger pointy about, get all up in someone’s grill, and say ‘fuck you’.

Pro tip: Always deliver a ‘fuck you’ with a dance. It helps everyone take it seriously because dance is a medium that transcends boundaries.

And just as a counter, because I am nothing IF NOT BALANCED — my ‘Big Up Yourself!’ list is included, too.

It’s important to celebrate with dignity, AND style.

Fuck You, in the Fucking Face

If you’ve implied that women and men are fundamentally different in some way (or black and white, binary and non-binary, etc etc), fuck you. This is the beginning of all prejudice.

If you’ve called someone gay for sharing their feelings this last month, fuck you.

If you’ve judged someone for being in an open relationship, fuck you. Keep your small mind to yourself.

If you’ve judged someone for being in a monogamous relationship, fuck you. Try asking questions before you apply your belief systems to others.

If you have shared a nude that is of someone who doesn’t know that you’re tooling around sharing it, or when you shared it you did not expressly say that you had their consent to share it, FUCK YOU. Consent, mf. LOOK IT UP AND LIVE THE EXAMPLE.

If you’ve had a full English Breakfast recently and didn’t have it with one or both of these:
1. Brown sauce
2. Bloody Mary
- fuck you.

Big Up Yourself!

If you have defended someone when it wasn’t expressly in your interest to do so, big up yourself! This is the definition of being awesomely human.

If you did something different, to change something or just to feel the
s-t-r-e-t-c-h, big up yourself! Keeping yourself agile is so important. It’s not the strong that will survive, but the adaptable.

If you managed to spend some time outside in one of the brief flashes of sun we’ve had recently, big up yourself! Sunshine cures everything, fact. And before some wise-ass mentions skin cancer, being out in the sun and getting skin cancer is still statistically healthier than staying out of the sun 🌞

If you took even just one tiny moment this last month to look around and tell yourself and/or or someone else — “hey, isn’t this cool” then big up yourself! This is so crucial to our lives that expressing gratitude actually makes you healthier.

If you did something that you didn’t want to do (went to a fancy dress party you knew you’d hate, went out for a drink when you were tired, watched a film you knew was going to make you feel sick at the shitness) but you did for someone else AND DIDN’T TELL THEM, big up yourself! You are a fucking saint and this little act of charity is all the more powerful because you didn’t rub it in their face — you just sucked it up and did something nice like the badass bipedal you are :)

If this month you have said “absolutely I will” to looking after a friend of a friend because they are in your neck of the woods then big up yourself! Looking after the extended friends and family network is just the peachiest and makes you a lovely velvety peach among peaches :)

Bonus Quote of the Week

Because I love you guys, I want to share an inspirational quote from IWD2019 (what a week it was! I saw some really cool talks and met some incredible people). This week’s quote (and crush!) is from Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu who gave a talk last Friday at White City House:

“I’m not aggressive I’m assertive — and we can take it outside if you call me that again”.

Fuck. Yes. Queen. Own your rage people — you don’t have to put up with people telling you ‘no’ or ‘you can’t’ or telling you that you are ‘too emotional’ when you tell them you don’t like how they treat you. Unless you literally are, too emotional — flipping tables is rarely the right response (unless someone just threw a double six to beat you at Backgammon, in which case, have at them).

Author’s note

As ever, I am happy to crowdsource ‘Fuck You’s or field question, provide research links to back my shit up (seriously — I’m like the Rational Hulk, I can always back my rage up with facts, replicable studies, and documented sources) or just continue the convo! If you’re reading this, you have the skills to find me :) xX

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