We all face the overwhelming urge to hibernate this winter. It’s cold, it’s often rainy, and ‘greylight’ is a way more accurate descriptor than sunlight 😒 😩😭

Contrary to what I just wrote above, I would like to propose that you go out for a walk every day. The fact is, no one ever felt worse after a walk. And even better if you can get to some grass or near a tree — it’ll boost your mood even further.

Cities can be pretty. Photo by Timea Kadar from Pexels

Not getting time outside on the regular is the same as smoking cigarettes every day in terms of being detrimental…

I adore the moment I wake up in the morning — that split second before I remember all the crap from yesterday, that moment before I remember everything I said I was going to get done that day (usually too much). In that moment, I am all the possibilities and I am free.

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The only part of the day you are ever guaranteed to own is your morning. It is the most power you will have all day.

The time before you start working or start home-schooling your kids— before your attention is wrested away by the dozens of circumstances…

No doubt you’ve heard the virtues of journalling quite extensively tolled. And indeed there is something about putting pen to paper that almost allows you to act as your own therapist and certainly enables developing your understanding of your feelings and deep dive into your life and experiences.

Earlier today I got these four questions in front of me and just started writing. I didn’t pause to mull them over; I leapt into action with a pen and my notepad. A whole bunch of stuff poured out that I kind of knew, but perhaps hadn’t given enough conscious thought to.

Photo by Zen Chung from Pexels

We have so many decisions to make daily that life often feels a bit overwhelming. If you don’t have occasional-to-frequent money worries, I’d say you are probably in the minority. As with everything else, planning and making conscious decisions ahead of time can save you energy, stress — and make sure you make solid decisions. The alternative is being caught off guard and doing something that doesn’t serve you. Here are 12 things that are definitely worth spending your money on, in no particular order.

“Don’t tell me what you value, show me your budget, and I’ll tell you what…

My life is never dull. My work, my friendships and my relationships lack the tedium of drama for drama’s sake, and I work hard to keep them positive, exciting and fulfilling. I have a long-standing commitment to being happy (since I was six years old, in fact) so it’s something I pay attention to. While everyone’s version of being happy is different, I am quite familiar with what does it for me — or so I thought. Recently I made a leap in manifesting my happiness, and that’s what I want to share with you today.

My background is in…

Approximately one million people have told me they have put on a bit of weight during lockdown — sometimes while they’ve been doing more exercise than ever. The proximity to the kitchen, eating three meals a day that you make yourself, the ability to snack on demand… It’s all added up. As for me — I haven’t eaten so well since I was a child at home and had my mum cook for me three times a day.

Lockdown conditions have eroded our ability to compartmentalise between work and leisure — and this includes meals. …

This list contains both short-term and long-term advice to follow if you have ADHD and feel you want more calmness in your life. Doing one or two of these should have a compound effect, and doing several will likely be noticeably beneficial to the quality of your life.

Everyone wants to be this relaxed. Photo credit the author
  1. Breathing exercises. Deep breathing exercises not only are conducive to a meditative state but also act as a physical intervention (the expansive movement of the diaphragm masses the vagus nerve and internal organs in a way that communicates “everything is ok” directly to your nervous system). I highly recommend Box Breathing.
  2. Meditation…

I wrote the following in a WhatsApp group chat this morning, in response to being essentially told that I was needlessly and foolishly endangering public health, so that I might publicly protest Black Lives Matter. This is a great point, public health is paramount and the subject got a lot of people’s blood up on both sides.

I am happy to report quite a few people spoke up when the conversation became badgering, rather than a dialogue. Some even intervened when people who didn’t seem to want educating past their privilege sneered duplicitously “educate me”. A couple of people on…

There is a lot of talk and research about resilience. It is the skill that is called into play not only when something traumatic occurs but is also credited to being linked to both success and happiness. It’s the no secret secret that is integral to high performance, on an individual and a company level.

Your own experience with resilience may be tied to professional or personal settings or both. I have no way of knowing. What I do know is that the need for resilience comes to us all. It is not only key to professional success and calm…

It’s impossible to have escaped the conversation around mindfulness over the last few years. The many benefits of meditation have been widely researched and published — and everything from neural plasticity, to lower cortisol levels, longer life, better health and the ability to act with more kindness are apparently within your reach. But what if you don’t get on with meditation, or what if it’s too intense for you to sit inside your own head for extended periods of time? First off, you are not alone and second, don’t worry — here are 6 ways you can live more mindfully…

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