6 ways to be more mindful — without meditation

It’s impossible to have escaped the conversation around mindfulness over the last few years. The many benefits of meditation have been widely researched and published — and everything from neural plasticity, to lower cortisol levels, longer life, better health and the ability to act with more kindness are apparently within your reach. But what if you don’t get on with meditation, or what if it’s too intense for you to sit inside your own head for extended periods of time? First off, you are not alone and second, don’t worry — here are 6 ways you can live more mindfully without meditating, and still reap the benefits. In fact, this might even be the shortcut that makes sense — people mediate in order that they can start to incorporate mindfulness into the things they do every day.

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Box breathing is like spending a few seconds on this beach, every time you do it
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